December 2016

Fourteen Cows and Fifty-Six Letters

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At an October assembly for upper school students, sixth grade homeroom teacher Lucy Turner read “Fourteen Cows for America,” a picture book loaned by academic support teacher Vicki Kelly. Projecting images of the book’s vivid illustrations onscreen in the theater, Turner read the text by Carmen Agra Deedy and Wilson Kimeli Naiyomah, which recounts the [...]

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September 2016

Pinwheels for Peace

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Hill School students from Junior Kindergarten through Eighth grade celebrated the International Day of Peace on September 21st by installing over 250 paper pinwheels on the lawn of the Clark Courtyard. Children made these from paper, decorating one side with images and patterns, and the back side with words of peace. Students were asked to [...]

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July 2016

The Spirit of Philanthropy

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It’s always exciting when Hill School Headmaster Treavor Lord draws the winning ticket number for the annual Grandparents’ Day raffle, but the spring 2016 raffle winners added extra dashes of jubilation and generosity. When Mr. and Mrs. Hahn, owners of DH Service, the company which has long provided janitorial service to the school, were notified [...]

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April 2016

Summer is Almost Here!

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Summer is just around the corner! The next two months are filled with wonderful Hill School traditions such as Grandparents and Special Friends Day, The Auction, the Green-White Track Meet, and Graduation Assemblies. This is also the perfect time for parents to make plans for the summer. Our “Summer at Hill” program gives children the [...]

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December 2015

Symbiosis in the Arts

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Hill School science students--and watchers of “Finding Nemo”-- know that the anemone and the clownfish have a symbiotic relationship, so that when the two species come together, both benefit. This fall, some Hill Schoolers experienced the symbiosis of writing and visual art. Painter and Hill School parent Misia Broadhead loaned several original works on canvas [...]

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May 2015

Hill School Songwriters

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What do you think Hill School students would choose to write a song about? A love of nature? The problem of homelessness? Or maybe April Fool’s Day? If those are your guesses, you have correctly identified the topics that got the creative juices flowing in the 8th grade, 6th grade, and 3rd grade when those [...]

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April 2015

Legacy Project

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Eighth grade homeroom teacher Jack Bowers tells his students in September, “You are in charge of the spirit of the school.” He reminds them that younger students look to them for cues about everything from what to wear to how to decorate a cubby, so they’d better be mindful of the example they’re choosing to [...]

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January 2015

Forbidden City

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The Hill School’s sixth grade didn’t have to voyage to Beijing, China, to see imperial treasures from the Palace Museum in the Forbidden City. A bus ride to the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond sufficed. Art teacher Linda Conti, looking ahead to the March 2015 Culture Study of China, booked tickets for the [...]

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September 2014

Amazing Transformations

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The campus teems with excitement as the first Monarch chrysalises are discovered outside the Art Building. Vibrant green and bejeweled with flecks of gold, the beauty of the chrysalises is rivaled by the beauty of the adult Monarch butterfly and the majestic black, yellow and white striped caterpillars munching on the milkweed in the gardens. [...]

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August 2014

Responsive Classroom

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As they gear up for the new school year, twenty-two Hill School teachers traveled to The Langley School in McLean, along with 180 other educators, for a four-day Responsive Classroom workshop. This approach to teaching and learning blends a set of management strategies designed to foster engaging academics and a positive community. Each day brimmed [...]

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