Ensuring Ongoing Parent-School Communication

The Parent-Teacher Club (PTC) was organized to promote the general welfare of Hill students by stimulating parent interest in the school and assisting the Head of School and teachers in their efforts. At its meetings, parents learn about the curriculum and program, hear speakers, and discuss school business. To ensure ongoing parent-school communication on the curriculum and other school issues, the PTC also sponsors Head of School coffees, peer-group meetings, off-campus Parent-Board dinners, and a “Back-to-School” evening in the fall.

To learn more about the PTC or to get involved, please contact Anne Walker, our current PTC President, at annedwalker@live.com.

2019-2020 Room Parents

Junior Kindergarten
Samantha Kopecky
Anne Champlin
Haley Morgan Wright
Ashley Bommer Singh
Camy Geide
Jen Hudson
Grade 1 
Kim Blake
Cristin Downey
Jennifer Zickel
Grade 2
Amy Miller
Jenn Owen
Ashley Schubert
Grade 3
Kendra McQuillan
Michelle Craig
Ashley Whitner
Grade 4
Jeanne-Marie Tufts
Polina Gregory
Melissa Lamb
Grade 5
Terri Foosaner
Michelle Abalos
Verna Flemming
Grade 6
Sheila Harrell
Brittany Buchanan
Maureen St. Germain
Grade 7
Kristin Dydo
Tiffany Ayers
Mija Strong
Grade 8
Carmen Igoe
Heather Davis
Nan Knisley

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