Eighth Grade GirlsEach spring, ourĀ graduating 8th grade students compose stories of their special memories of and feelings about their time at Hill to share with parents and younger students. Their knowledge of themselves, and wisdom about what is important, is always moving. Often, they express the school’s priorities and values as well as anyone. Here is the story shared by Marina, Class of ’12 –

My three years at Hill have passed much faster than I expected, but I am fortunate to have joined such an extraordinary class. I have been constantly forming fond memories each day. Out of the thousands of memories that I have created since the first day that I walked into the 6th grade classroom, there has been one that has touched me significantly, in a way that the others never will.

It was the end of 6th grade, also the end of my first year at Hill. I had given all of my teachers end of the year gifts, and I promptly received my first thank you note in the mail. I tore it open immediately, guessing what would be inside. I suspected it to be a simple note addressing the gift that I had given him. I was wrong. Inside was a well-crafted, thoughtful letter. I could not believe that he had taken the time to write it, especially because it was to be read by a shy twelve year old girl.

He said that he was glad to have had the chance to watch me grow over the course of my first year at Hill and become part of the school’s community. He wrote that he had come to think of me as more than a student to teach for a year. He thought of me as a friend. As a friend that he will always remember. It was then that I realized that Hill was unique. It would have never crossed my mind that I could be friends with a teacher. I always though that teachers wanted to set a stern impression, to show the students that they are in charge. Hill School teachers welcome us warmly and are here to guide us. They help us determine who we are at a young age and eagerly watch up prosper. They pick us up when we fall and commend us for achieving our goals.

Because of them we remember, that no matter where life may take us, our class will always be a Hill School family, and it is impossible to break that bond.

Thank you, Mr. Mack, for the note. You may have forgotten about it by now, but I will always remember those thougtful words and take them with me wherever I go. You helped me attain the strength that I have today, and I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have joined such a kindhearted community.

I am reluctantly leaving my friends, both classmates and teachers. We will gradually become separated over the years as we define ourselves in the world. But, no matter how far I am from my family at Hill, they will forever seem to be nearby, for each person has made a lasting impression in my heart.