Planting SeedsHill School’s Junior Kindergarten class invited Middleburg Academy’s Environmental Science Class and its instructor, Ms. Ellen Hughes, to spend a part of Earth Day, April 22, with us.

The visit began with Hill’s annual Trashy Fashion Show, where students design and create clothing and accessories using recycled materials. Afterwards, the Junior Kindergarteners and high school seniors enjoyed fun earth-themed activities in the classroom and on the playground.

The thirteen Middleburg Academy students spoke with Mrs. Cathy Hartley’s JK class about the significance of Earth Day and what Environmental Science is. Together they planted a variety of seeds in cups using nutrient-rich compost. The JK students now have the important responsibility of caring for the seeds. Once they begin to take root and are ready, the JK class will take a field trip to Middleburg Academy’s garden to plant them. Of course a visit between the two schools would not have been complete without recess. The JK students enjoyed having their older friends with them to swing and play Red Light Green Light and Hide and Seek.