The Board of Trustees is a dedicated group of volunteers committed to the mission and philosophy of the school and has three main responsibilities:

  • To sustain the school’s mission and program
  • To maintain the campus and facilities necessary to carry out the program
  • To secure the funding for the program to be successfully implemented and for the campus and facilities to be well maintained

The full Board meets five times per year. The Board standing committees include: Alumni Association, Development, Education and School Life, Executive, Finance and Endowment, and Marketing.

The Board of Trustees for the 2023-2024 School Year is below. Here a list of Past Board Presidents who have served Hill School.

Mr. Michael H. Howland

Mr. Erich Weber

Mr. Matthew Blunt

Mrs. Angela Killinger

Mrs. Annie Bishop ’94

Mr. James G. Davis

Mr. Philip Dudley ’86

Mr. Shelton Gregory

Mrs. Sheila Harrell ’86

Mr. Adam Jackson ’97

Mr. Maximilian A. Tufts, Jr.

Mr. David Walker

Mr. Jesse White

Mrs. Cristin Wipfler ’94

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