Ensuring Ongoing Parent-School Communication

Wbelieve when parents are engaged with the school community, children benefit and thrive. The goal of the committees is to facilitate enriched conversations through parent discussions, book talks, and to serve as a conduit linking parents and educators at Hill for the benefit of the students.

Education and School Life Committee

The Education and School Life Committee (ESLC) is a standing committee of the Board of Trustees and serves as the umbrella organization for all parent committees including the Parent-Teacher Club (PTC) and the Committee on Culture and Inclusion (CCI).

ESLC works with the Head of School and other committees to connect parents, the faculty and staff, the students, and the community with intentional content to enrich school life.

The ESLC Chair is a member of the Board of Trustees and the committee consists of a faculty and/or staff liaison, current members of the parent body, community members, and a member of the PTC and the Committee on Culture and Inclusion.

2023-2024 members: Cristin Wipfler (Chair and parent); Hunt Lyman, Christie Lovelette, and Kelly Johnson (Faculty & Staff Liaisons); Amy Miller (PTC President and parent); Angela Killinger (Board of Trustees and parent); and Jill Hottel (parent).

Parent-Teacher Club

The PTC is led by a current parent who serves as the PTC President. The PTC President works closely with the Chair of ESLC and the Head of School. Additionally, the PTC President coordinates the PTC Room Parents. Each grade has current parents who serve as Room Parents with one parent taking the lead Room Parent role (who acts as the main facilitator of communication from the PTC President to the class parents).

The PTC President conducts three meetings with all Room Parents (one each in the fall, spring, and winter) and facilitates PTC sponsored all-school events such as the Book Fair, Country Fair, Halloween Festivities, Holiday Float, Teacher Appreciation Day, and Back to School grade level dinners.

2023-2024 PTC President: Amy Miller

Better Together

Better Together, a parent club at The Hill School, aims to develop a nurturing and inclusive environment, fostering a genuine sense of value, respect, and celebration for every student and family. Here we actively engage in listening, promoting equality, and sharing resources to raise kind, culturally competent, and empathetic children who grow to become compassionate and visionary leaders.

We are committed to promoting diversity in all facets, championing allyship, and creating a safe and supportive culture that encourages continuous learning and growth within our school community. Our goal is to cultivate a profound understanding that differences are not only accepted but wholeheartedly embraced.

2023-2024 Co-Chairs: Jade Pulliam and Cara Schreiber

2023-2024 Room Parents

Junior Kindergarten
Selina De Luca
Amy Hershey
Kristin Meek
Jenn Babcock
Bethany Marshall
Brad Palmer
Grade 1 
Lauren Hein
Natalie Lacaze
Angela Roy
Grade 2
Anarosa Rohan
Dornin Tochterman
Jen Fleming
Grade 3
Gina Palmer
James Bergeron
Haley Wright
Grade 4
Molly Phan
Jenn Rammes
Stephanie Christensen
Grade 5
JP Melugin
Paula Goodege-Kunwar
Michelle Hoey
Grade 6
Brandy Lloyd
Margaret Fortier
Nicole Wyatt
Grade 7
Lynn Holtzman
Michelle Abalos
Clarissa Brandwine
Grade 8
Amy Thomas
Angela Killinger
Jeanne-Marie Tufts

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