What Makes Hill Special

While our campus visits are currently on hold, we are available to speak over the phone or to arrange online conversations. We are confident we can share the Hill philosophy and program with you – even through the virtual world. Please contact Kelly Johnson for more information. Please note that while we have closed the school buildings and playground to all but essential personnel, the grounds, walking trails, and arboretum are open for the community to walk, play, and exercise.

Students are admitted on the basis of a variety of criteria including interviews, testing, and previous school record. The Hill School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, national or ethnic origin, race, religion, sexual orientation, or any other form of discrimination in the administration of its admission program.

Certainly our children and grandchildren moved on from Hill with a knowledge of the three R’s, history, sports, music, art, and with memories and lasting friendships. But more than that, they left with a soul, a conscience, and a strong character – in no small part due to the caring guidance and influence of this extraordinary, dedicated group of people.

– Claudia Young ’52 –

Cathy Hartley ’77, Mary Moore ’81, Susan McCaskey ’86, Campbell Hartley ’10, Mac Hartley ’13, and Caitlin McCaskey ’25

Hill School is committed to a Junior Kindergarten through Grade 8 education.

We believe that early childhood education is a critical foundation for future growth and development. We are a community focused on children and developing their passion for lifelong learning. Our upper school students are leaders and models for younger students.

Lower School Building

Hill School teachers are dedicated to their students.

We are committed to working with every child. The school’s 6:1 student to teacher ratio allows us to adjust and individualize the program to meet the needs of each child and, most importantly, to provide many opportunities for every student to discover a passion. Students and teachers build relationships that endure for years beyond the child’s experience at Hill.

Hill School is united by a clear sense of mission.

We live our mission every day, from our classrooms to our athletic fields and performing arts center. Our alumni make us proud and show that fostering a happy, healthy, challenging childhood promotes lifelong success.

Hill School engages students throughout the curriculum.

In addition to a strong academic program, the co-curricular offerings–art, music, drama, and athletics–are essential elements of a Hill School education. We provide an environment in which everyone participates.

Hill School promotes a strong and meaningful school community.

We believe every child and every family deserve respect and care. Parents are an integral part of the school, working with teachers and administrators in the shared responsibility of fostering children who work hard, know themselves, and feel part of something greater than themselves.

Hill School uses its campus as a learning environment.

Our Place Based Education program makes the 138 acre campus–including the Dornin Science Center, two ponds, meadows, woodlands, playing fields, and a walking trail–integral to the academic and co-curricular programs. We believe that developing an appreciation and understanding of the natural world should be part of every child’s education. The best way to understand the value of the Hill School experience is to visit our campus and see firsthand what we do. We look forward to meeting you.

The teachers care so much for the kids – it’s truly incredible. While I was at Hill School, I realized how blessed while I was, but still, the further away from Hill, the more I have come to realize what a gem it is.

– Jennifer, ’09 –

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