At Hill, we are fortunate to have excellent facilities and resources, which provide an ideal environment in which to teach our children. But no asset is more valuable and important than the people. The faculty and staff of The Hill School are truly inspirational. Many of these people have been associated with the school for decades; for others this will be their first year at Hill. All of them are dedicated to Hill’s educational philosophy and program.

Denise All
Lead Kindergarten Teacher

Paula Austin
Lead 1st Grade Teacher

Mike Barreda
Dornin Labs, JK-8 Athletics

Jill Beifuss
English Department Chair, Lead 7th Grade Teacher, 7 English, 5 Writing & Language Fundamentals

Phill Bradshaw

Marnie Butu

Karen Chase
JK-8 Music

Linda Conti
Art Department Chair, JK, K, 4-8 Art, Culture Study Program, Yearbook

Erin Coulter
Theater Program Director, 3-8 Theater, 6 Homeroom

John Daum
Lead 5th Grade Teacher

Kasia Daum
School Counselor and Consultant

Dorsey deButts
Development/Publications, K, 1 Library, Late Gates Aftercare

Cate Donohoe
Reading Specialist, Lower School Academic Support

Bob Dornin
Grounds Supervisor

Sarah Dornin
8 Homeroom, 1-3 Art, Dornin Labs, 7-8 Athletics, Bus Driver

Lori Emerick
Lead 3rd Grade Teacher

Maria Fedorchak
Lead Junior Kindergarten Teacher

Silvia Fleming
Assistant to the Head of School

Jessica Gibson
5-8 Math, 4-8 Athletics

Will Heron
Director of Finance & Operations

Thea Israel
2nd Grade Teacher

Kelly Johnson
Director of Enrollment

Vicki Kelly
5-8 Academic Support

Alex Kirven
4 & 6 History, 7-8 Athletics, Bus Driver

Treavor Lord
Head of School

Christie Lovelette
6-8 Latin, Dean of Students

Huntington Lyman
JK-8 Academic Dean, 8 English, 4 Language Fundamentals, Peer Mentoring Program Coordinator

Katherine Mangum
3rd Grade Teacher

Susan McCaskey
JK-5 Science

Joan McNaughton
4 – 5 Academic Support

Kim Medica
Auction Coordinator

Karen Monroe
Business Office Administrative Assistant, Reception, Staff Photographer

Claire Nichols
1st Grade Teacher

Will Nisbet
Director of Institutional Development

Lisa Patterson
Alumni Engagement and Development Coordinator

Stephen Price
5 & 7 Math, 4-8 Athletics, Bus Driver

Kim Renneker
Lead 4th Grade Teacher

Sue Ross
Lower School Resource

Will Roszel
1-8 Athletics, Bus Driver

Zach Roszel
Athletic Director, Head Coach

Alan Saucedo
3 & 4 Strings

Cynthia Saucedo
3, 7 & 8 Spanish, 3 & 4 Strings

Harrison Schroder
6-8 Science, 7 Homeroom, 7-8 Athletics

Sarah Schroder
Business Manager

Caitlin Slater
Junior Kindergarten Teacher, 4-6 Athletics

Hannah Spezzano
Kindergarten Teacher

Sally Tener
6-8 Academic Support
7-8 Athletics

Babett Thomas-Smoot
Reception, Lower School Resource

Peyton Tochterman
7-8 History, 7-8 Athletics, 8 Homeroom

Lucy Turner
Lead 6th Grade Teacher, 6 English, 4 Writing Workshop

Emily Tyler
Reception, Development, Special Events

Katherine Weeden
Mathematics Department Chair, 4, 6-8 Math, 4-8 Athletics

Kara Whitehead
Lead 2nd Grade Teacher

Don Woodruff
Administrator, Development

Lisa Woods
5-8 Math, I.T. Support

April Woodson
Lower School Resource

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