Educating the Whole Child

Co-Curricular Programs at Hill School are essential to the education of the whole child, and we are committed to providing a variety of athletic and artistic experiences for every student. Everyone creates, sings, and acts — because we believe that the arts are essential to healthy development of children’s minds and bodies.

Studio Art

All students take studio art every year. Students learn to tap their potential as artists by working in a variety of media, including clay, paint, metal, wood, cardboard, and photographs. We expose students to art history and regularly integrate the art program with academic subjects. Our students learn to master increasingly complex techniques as they develop and grow. Art is always on display throughout the school, and we create artwork for special occasions such as Grandparents’ Day and Culture Study.


Experience in theater is integral to our educational program. Most grades present a dramatic production each year, typically incorporating music, dance, and acting. Students learn to speak, sing, and dance in public while gaining respect for themselves and others. The Theater Program also teaches technical aspects of the performing arts: set design, lighting, and sound boards in the Sheila C. Johnson Performing Arts Center. 8th graders perform a full-length musical production in the fall, and many students participate in an after-school Drama Club.


The music program creates an active music-making environment where singing, movement to music, musical games, music appreciation, and instrument playing are natural parts of each child’s school week. The music program takes a performance, goal oriented approach that provides many opportunities for personal growth and discovery, including the December Holiday Program, the Grandparents Day “Spring Sing,” the 5th-grade Renaissance Banquet, the 7-8 Concert, and Graduation. Many students also participate in after-school singing groups.

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