“There is no greater joy to my husband and me than the enthusiasm our grandsons have for The Hill School! As a Kindergarten and first grade teacher of 33 years I can appreciate the excitement they have as they share their daily events. I tell my colleagues that Palmer and Davis are in a magical environment! We are forever grateful. “
Gail Kuchem, Grandmother of Palmer – 2nd Grade and Davis – Junior Kindergarten

In the upcoming Annual Report for Hill School, Head of School Treavor Lord begins his column with a childhood memory of being rescued from a tree by his grandfather, and he articulates the importance of his close relationship with his grandparents as he was growing up.

At the recent reception for grandparents during the school’s Halloween parade and party, Treavor spoke about how important his grandparents were to his childhood, and how important he thought it was that so many grandparents had come to see their grandchildren’s costumes, participate in the class parties, and join in the holiday celebration. He acknowledged and expressed appreciation for the essential role grandparents play both in their children as well as their grandchildren’s lives. In addition to love, they bring an invaluable perspective on parenting, which is challenging to develop while learning to parent young children.

Halloween provided an opportunity for the Hill community — including children, parents, grandparents, teachers, and special friends — to share a celebration of creativity and fun on a beautiful fall day.