IMG_7619Lunch with the Head of School? Or the Academic Dean? Or one of your teachers? For over ten years, our sixth through eighth grade students have been meeting in groups of four or five with a faculty or staff member for lunch every other week.

Lunch Groups provide an opportunity for the students to spend time with an adult mentor. They visit, have fun, and discuss various school topics and other issues of interest. These meetings provide a positive setting to develop relationships and build social skills, increasing the sense of community at Hill School.Lunch Groups5

A few students commented on their lunch group…

Colley wrote, “I liked when Mr. Lyman showed us the nose whistle.”

Brooke wrote, “The teacher who leads my lunch group is Ms. O-B. My favorite moment was playing Apples to Apples during lunch.”

Joan wrote that she liked “when we were all talking about our sports and we shared my Milano cookies and Mrs.Kelly gave us Twizzlers.”

Ethan, who is in Mr. Price’s lunch group, wrote, “I have just enjoyed the social part overall.”