Reading AwardsFirst and second grade students recently participated in a Family Reading Challenge – to spend 30 minutes reading each day of spring break. Over 80% of the first and second graders successfully completed the challenge! In the Lower School Assembly, each of the participants received a bronze Readers are Leaders medal and a handshake from Academic Dean, Dr. Lyman. When asked why she thought so many kids were excited to read during vacation, Ms. Sharples, Hill’s Director of Special Academic Services and Reading Specialist, replied, “It’s been really exciting to see how the expert implementation of the Reading Workshop in grades K-4 has resulted in skillful, confident young readers. The teachers do an amazing job!”

Additionally, third graders participated in their own reading challenge. They set a class goal for spring break: to read more than 2 million words. Since school began, the class has recorded over 16 million words, as shown in their Accelerated Reader test results. During their two week spring break, they met their goal, accumulating more than 2 million more words. To celebrate, they prepared a feast based on some of Roald Dahl’s “revolting recipes:” a Plate of Soil with Engine Oil, Candy-Coated Pencils for Sucking in Class, and Devil’s Drenchers. The cooking was just as much fun as the eating!

These classroom challenges were a wonderful way for the students to celebrate their love of reading and to continue to grow as readers.