Trashy Fashion Spotlight PieceIn celebration of Earth Day, Hill School held its fourth annual “Trashy Fashion” show. The Saplings and the Tree Huggers, Hill’s two student environmental groups, led this effort to raise environmental awareness among the school community. Trashy Fashion started as a way to focus on what we consider trash in a new and creative way. The goal is to create an outfit or accessories that use at least 50 % trash or recyclable material. The students displayed their creativity and artistic fashions at an all school assembly.

Throughout the year, the Saplings and the Tree Huggers host various fund-raising activities. In the past, the Saplings have raised money for the White Wolf Sanctuary, The Catoctin Zoo, The Tiger Project, and Save the Frogs. The Tree Huggers have raised funds for Polar Bear International, new composting bins (outside and inside), and portable recycling containers for use during Hill School events and field trips.

Both groups work on reducing the amount of trash the school creates by emphasizing trashless lunches and encouraging the “reduce, reuse, recycling” philosophy within the community. The Trashy Fashion Show is another way students show how to be resourceful not wasteful.